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Metal Finishing

Every application is unique. AFT services the automotive and industrial finishing industries and is prepared with solutions for a single stage or a two-stage filter system specifically for all the major coating types for metal finishings. 

Coating TypeOverspray Characteristics2-StageSingle Stage
Wash/Etch PrimersFast drying, fine particles1st Stage —> GPF
2nd Stage —> CC400 Cuble
Epoxy/Urethane PrimersFilm forming, large particles1st Stage —> PPE
2nd Stage —> E75 Cube
Alkyds, Water Based & Bake EnamelsSlow drying, gummy, wet, larger particles1st Stage —> PPE
2nd Stage —> SE Paper Cube
Polyurethane – Low SolidsPowdery, fast drying, fine particles, Film forming/face-loading1st Stage —> FMP18
2nd Stage —> CC400 Cube
Polyurethane – High SolidsWet, film forming/face-loading1st Stage —> PPE
2nd Stage —> E75 Cube
PowderVery fine, dry particles1st Stage —> GPF
2nd Stage —> PC Cube
gpf ultra

GPF Ultra

Ultra-high efficiency filter at a competitive cost. Polyester coated fiberglass for easy handling. High efficiency with all coatings including dry, dusty overspray. Can either stand alone or pre-filter. 1½” thick filter green/yellow. High paint holding capacity. 99.43% efficiency rating.



E28 is a 3″ thick orange/white 100% fiberglass filter. Excellent stand-alone or pre-filter stage for all types of coatings. Highest efficiency available in 100% fiberglass construction. Lower pressure drop than competitive polyester and fiberglass products. Suitable replacement for all fiberglass, polyester, and paper filter products. Over 99% efficiency rating. 



VA7 is a 3″ thick, green fiberglass filter with a polyester backing. It’s a perfect single-stage overspray collector for dry and dusty types of coatings. High removal efficiency and holding capacity.


The Purple Paint Extractor (PPE). Designed and engineered for automotive and industrial operations. Features a multi-layered system with a high efficiency resin backing. Cost effective alternative to the Paint Pocket®. 99.59% efficiency rating.



Features a unique micro-filament fiber structure. Open weave design promotes depth loading. Contains 33% more fiber strands than standard fiberglass. 2.5” yellow colored filter. 99.07% efficiency rating.