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Cartridges Survey and Powder Cartridge Qualifying Questions


  • Manufacturer Part Number:
  • Cost:
  • Micron Size:
  • Reclaim/Virgin Ratio:
  • Internal Diameter:
  • External Diameter:
  • Height:
  • Outer Screen or Banded?
  • Service Life of Cartridges:
  • Next Scheduled Change:
  • Clean and Reuse Cartridges (Y/N):
  • Do Cartridges Blind, Face Load (Y/N):
  • Amount of Retained Powder in Cartridges (in lbs.) at End of Service Life:
  • Is Cartridge Linting Causing Part Rejects (Y/N):
  • Caking on Cartridges or Pulse Nozzle (Y/N):
  • Media Type (Paper, Paper/Poly, Poly, Felt, Aluminized, Other):
  • Season Cartridges (Y/N):
  • Clean and Clock Cartridges:
  • Gasket Placement (Centered, Flushed on Inside Edge, Flush on Outside Edge):

Powder Cartridge Qualifying Questions

1. Do you have powder coating equipment here or at any other locations for your company that use cartridge type filters? (or) Do you have a converted liquid-coating booth using a 2-pocket bag filter with a pre-filter in front of it?

Note: If they have a converted liquid-coating booth, clarify if they exhaust the air out the building (2-stage), or if they recirculate the air back into the plant (requiring a 3-stage filter system).

2. How many powder booths do you have? (The more booths, the lower the cartridge price quote should be)

3. What OEM brand equipment do you have? (i.e., Nordson, Wagner, Gema, Torit-Donaldson, Global Finishing/JBI, Colmet, Deimco, Binks Sames, Wheelabrator, Camfil Farr)

Note: Many times, knowing the dust OEM brand lets us know the filter style required, or at least it narrows down the possibilities.

4. Do you have any part numbers or specs on the cartridges you need? (If not, the ask if their cartridges have outer screen support or not, so you know whether to quote 80/20 blend filters, or spun-bond polyester style, which do not require outer screen support. Then quote one or two of the more common filter styles that pertain to their powder booth OEM).

5. How soon will you have to reorder new filters?

6. How often are the cartridges changed? (as needed or on a regular changeout schedule)

Note: If cartridges are changed every 6 months or less, you may want to suggest they consider upgrading to Nano-fiber media (longer lasting & higher efficiency) or 100% spun-bond polyester media, which are washable & reusable).

7. Do you reclaim the powder or spray to waste? If they do reclaim, how many different color modules do they have and how many per module?

Note: If the customer does reclaim, the 100% spun-bond polyester style filters will be a cost-effective upgrade over 80/20 blend as this media option is non-linting, washable & reusable, and provides significantly less powder retention over the life of the filters.

8. Who do you buy your filters from? (Powder booth OEM, distributor or cartridge manufacturer).

Note: The answer to this question is key in determining what price to quote. Cartridges should be quoted at 20-35% lower prices when competing against other cartridge manufacturers, as opposed to OEM’s or distributors.