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Polyester Paint Arrestors

Polyester Paint Arrestors are a unique group of filters in the Air Flow Technology family of products. Over the last 30 years, we have developed a wide selection of weights, thicknesses, and sizes available to industry. Air Flow Technology can provide standard and custom sizes as special care is taken in proper product selection to insure providing a tailored filtering system with respect for all variables present in your finishing environment.


Series E75

AFT’s Series 1″ E75 polyester media utilizes the latest in recycled fiber technology to yield a highly efficient and long-lasting economical filter options for mid-high volume finishing operations. E75 has high particle removal efficiency (99%+), excellent holding capacity and longevity. Low initial pressure drop (0.06″ w.c.)


Series E12

The 2″ Series E12 is a heavier, denser version of the popular recycled E75 overspray collector. With almost 40% more weight and holding capacity, the E12 is designed for high volume applications requiring high efficiency and maximum longevity. High particle removal efficiency (99%+). Ultimate holding capacity and longevity.



Series E12H

The Series E12H is one of the highest efficiency single-stage overspray collectors available. Featuring 2″ of high-lofted recycled polyester fibers bonded to a polypropylene “spider” skin backing, the E12H provides maximum efficiency for applications that require the highest in removal efficiency (99%+). Excellent holding capacity and longevity.


Series 1540

Series 1540 media is a 1″ polyester media made with a dual layer construction. The combination creates a dual stage filter with the air entry layer of large denier fibers lofted as much as possible to create a generous paint holding layer. The exit stage is a layer of fine denier staple and bi-component fibers that has been needled. The generous paint holding capacity means that your filters will last longer with 1540 media. Paint holding capacity is 50% higher than traditional medium loft 1” polyester medias. 99.89% efficiency rating


Series 99

The Series 99 is a red/white medium-high efficiency dual-denier polyester overspray media. Widely used in industrial finishing applications, the Series 99 is easy to handle and effective at trapping large ranges of particle sizes. The Series 99 is the economical option for operations requiring dual-denier overspray media. High holding capacity and removal efficiency.